Courtesy Tips and Guidelines

  • 1977 or older vehicles only. Proof of registration required.
  • Arrive off of RT. 176 or Hawley St. only and follow staff instructions. Instant expulsion for non-compliance!
  • Do not drive past staff when told to stop. Instant expulsion!
  • Agressive or belligerent behavior will result in Police intervention. Instant expulsion!
  • DO NOT move barricades or traffic cones. Instant expulsion!
  • Do not sneak into the event. You will be escorted out. Instant expulsion!
  • If you want to park together you must arrive together. NO SAVING SPOTS.
  • We will not move you to another spot once you are parked. (For pedestrian safety)
  • Bank lots are filled first. Lots are available at different times per our permit.
  • Seymour Ave. is left open until 4:00 p.m. most nights.
  • Please do not touch other peoples cars or property.
  • Do not leave flyers or posters on vehicles without event permission.
  • No political campaigning.
  • No riding bicycles, skateboards, or using remote control cars.
  • PLEASE DO NOT SHOW UP BEFORE 4:00 PM. Although it may get you a spot, it is not appreciated by local businesses or the Village. You are not helping us.
  • Cars illegally parked after 9:00 p.m. will be ticketed or towed.
  • One non-profit per event allowed with prior approval only.
  • Only paid vendors may distribute food.
this is a family event.

Please be courteous
while enjoying the show.

We Are Here.

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Street Closures: 3:30-10:30pm*

Park - from 45 to Chicago Ave.
Seymour Ave - from 176 to Hawley
Chicago Ave - from Hawley to Park

*Streets may close earlier for public safety.
Handicap parking available off of Chicago Ave.

Absolutely NO Show Cars before 4:00pm!

Contact Us.

Park On Park Cruise Nights
P. O. Box 292
Antioch, Illinois 60002

Tony Christie (Operations) 847-710-4629
Pete Christie (Sponsorship) 847-838-3049
Tony Christie (Food Vendors) 847-710-4629

Park on Park is not a Village run event. Any issues and/or complaints need to directed to the Park on Park Committee. Tony Christie 847.710.4629